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Morvasu” or “Mor – Vasuphon Kriangprapakit” is a stunning solo artist from What The Duck who is most famous for his song 'Melbourne’. The song was No.1 for several months on many radio stations and music streaming services which led to an online phenomena called "I Melbourne You." He also writes popular Lo-Fi Pop that easily impressed his legion of fans, songs including เทาเทา, New Year’s Resolution, Sunday, I'm so down and Home. The latter being a love song featuring the beautiful voice of ‘Violette Wautier’.

Now Morvasu is back with his first full-length album, “In a relationship with_" which is his first solo work and first full-length album for 3 years. He prefers to be identified as a "Songwriter" or "Storyteller" rather than a "Singer" so for this album Morvasu wrote each song inspired by what we experience in everyday life and the close relationships we enjoy. The people around us, pets and objects all hold stories and memories. He even covers national social issues in his own unique style, wanting the listeners to slowly absorb the

atmosphere of the melody and the lyrics. Morvasu wants to explain what the album title "In a relationship with_" means. He wants his fans to listen to the music and examine every relationship in their own lives through these 13 pop songs. Furthermore, he encourages everyone to listen to the album in its entirety, that way it truly reflects everyday life.

Listen to music:

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