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Pillow Pillow

“pillow pillow pillow pillow pillow pillow pillow pillow

Let me be someone who you can rely on


Plastic Plastic – “Pleng” – Tongta Jitdee and “Pong” – Pokpong Jitdee, a sister-brother duo band under Thailand-based Independent label What The Duck. An Indie-pop band who making music for 12 years, their songs win listeners heart especially in Asia such as Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan, This year, they are prepare to come back in a new single after their full album since last two years.

“Pillow Pillow” – A latest single from Plastic Plastic, The concept of this song is “Back to basic” that the band want to record every single instrument without synthesizer, inspired from the last 2 years that they spent their time with nature and look back to the root of instrument, they use a little trick to make this song more joyful by using autotune as Pleng chorus line. The lyric was compose by Pleng that she use herself to represent as a pillow to support who she love, her friends, family or even her pet, To relief stress and rely on.

Listen "Pillow Pillow" now at:

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